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In pioneer times and through to the introduction of cars and trucks in the early 1900's, people who lived in the country had to use horses and wagons to make the trip to their local village when they needed supplies. As a result, if you look at our modern maps, you can usually find these villages spaced about 15 - 25Km apart. the reason? That meant that you could use the horse and wagon, get to town, do your shopping, and return home easily in the same day. While some of these small villages have passed into obscurity, many are still thriving centres of the communities that surround them.

Stirling. Ontario, from Tuftsville Rd.

Life is different in the villages ... a little more relaxed ... and it is still possible to wander into shops built in the 1800's, or stop to chat with residents who sit on the park benches installed along the sidewalks.

Downtown Stirling, Ontario


* Regardless of its size, you can always count on local villages in our area (southern Ontario) to have two valuable community assets - a hockey arena, and a fairgrounds.

* While the services offered by these villages are extremely diverse, there will be times when you will need to go to a larger centre to do some shopping. You should decide what you consider to be a reasonable distance to travel before you start looking for properies.

Many villages are located in the range of 5 - 35 minutes away from cities that offer box stores and a complete range of services. In addition, you will find that it often takes no longer to travel 10 Km in the country that it does to go 1 Km in heavy city traffic.

Having both types of centres available is an ideal situation, so there are many people who work in the cities, but prefer to live in the villages and rural countryside.

Downtown Madoc, Ontario
Each village has its own character, and it is important to find one that compliments your interests.

Nearby, we have one village that offers boutique shopping, high quality stage productions, an excellent library, and a great agricultural museum. (Stirling, Ontario)

Covered Bridge, Stirling. Ontario

Another local village provides great facilities for growing families: easy access to a sizable lake for boating and waterskiing, both a public school and a high school, a swimming pool, and an excellent park complex with one of the best skateparks around, as well as a bunny skatepark, splashpad, activity centre for kids, and a cultural centre with a stage. (Madoc, Ontario)

In other words, the local villages are developing individual identiites, and each of them has something special to offer. There are a lot of people who don't mind working in nearby cities, but prefer the quieter life of a village setting for their homes.

Family Boating, Quinte Area

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