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Not too long ago, urban areas had high-speed Intenet access, and those of us out on the rural routes had to rely on dial-up.

No Longer.

In most rural areas wireless access is now available either through a wireless connection to a tower within 20 Km of your property, or by a direct 2 way satellite connection if it is not. The good news in that the cost of both types of service has been coming down, so you no longer need to sacrifice high speed connectivity to move to a rural setting.

If high-speed Internet access is really important to you, you should determine what options are available in the area you are considering and ask about plans for service upgrades.

Generally, 10 MB service should be available for you, even in the country.



High-Speed Internet access is a factor that is important to many people, but we need to pause for a moment and consider whether it is a real need or just an expectation that we have developed over the past few years.

For several years my wife and I ran a website design service, and some of the sites we maintain were quite large - 5000 files +. For the first five years that we owned this property, we had to deal with dial-up access while high-speed connections were available in the city just 18 Km south of us.

Was it frustrating to wait for hours to upload large sets of files?

You bet!

DId we consider leaving and moving into the city?


Are we glad that we now have high-speed access and a plan with 175 GB of download here in the country.

Yes. Yes. Yes.

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