CONNECTIVITY Up until about 10 years ago, urban areas had high-speed Internet access, and those of us out on the rural routes had to rely on dial-up. Thankfully, that is no longer the case. In most rural areas wireless access is now available either through a wireless connection to a tower within 20 Km of your property, or by a direct 2 way satellite connection if it is not. The good news in that the cost of both types of service has been coming down, though it is still more costly than equivalent service in the city, but you will generally not need to sacrifice high speed connectivity to move to a rural setting. You should determine what options are available in the area you are considering and ask about plans for service upgrades. Generally, 10 MB service should be available for you, even in the country.
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High-Speed Internet access
The company we have been using here in the Quinte region is Xplornet. If you go to their website and enter the postal code for a property you are considering buying, you should be able to access information about the types of services available and the cost of various packages.
Information about the most recent satellite service is available here.
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