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Thanks to Doug and Irene Bellamy for passing along "The Rules of Rural Ontario". If anyone knows the author, please send this info to me so I can give credit, and you are welcome to send in other bits of country humour to be posted here as well. Email Bob.

Country Websites:

The Municipality of Centre Hastings

The Municipality of Stirling Rawdon

Hastings County Museum of Agricultural Heritage

* A Note to International Visitors:

On this website the term "country" is used to mean "rural". If you are looking for information about emigrating to the country Canada, please visit this site.

The opinions expressed on this website are those of the authors. It is best to gather information from several sources before making a decision to purchase rural property, and this website does not purport to discuss all the issues that might arise. This information is provided on a "use at your own risk" basis and the authors assume no liability for subsequent use of the information provided here.


If you have ever dreamed of moving to the country, there is some good news. Property in many rural locations is very affordable, and life out here can be even better than you have imagined.

Still, there are a few things you should know before you load up the moving van - and that's why we have prepared this site for you.

Stirling, Ontario
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The country has a wide range of lifestyle options, from quiet village life, to backwoods retreats, to serene waterfront, to working your own land.

Stirling, Ontario Fall Fair

We hope that this site will offer you the information you need as you consider your move to the country.

Moira Lake, Madoc, Ontario

While some of the information on this website relates specifically to the community in which we live, you will find many similarities in other rural areas.

Feel free to write to us if you have any comments or suggestions.

A Misty Sunrise, Centre Hastings, Ontario


Do you have a story to tell about your move from the city to a country property? If so, please send it along, with your permission to use it, and we will share it with others on this site!


Please see this CBC article about the use of smartphone apps on the farm -

Farmers Reaping Big Rewards from New Smartphone Apps


This site is maintained by Bob Foster, who lives north of Belleville, Ontario, Canada, about 2 hours east of Toronto.

Great Grey Owl - I took this picture less
than 2 Km from our country home.

Bob left Toronto to "move to the country" back in 1976, and, apart from a brief time in Germany, he has spent all of his time on rural properties, including both farms and waterfront.

Bob is now a qualified real estate sales representative, working with the Century 21 team in the beautiful Quinte region of Ontario, Canada. We hope that you enjoy the tips and anecotes on this website that he developed several years ago, and he would invite you to call him if he can be of further assistance.

Bob Foster

Sales Representative for
Century 21 Lanthorn RE Ltd. Brokerage
in Belleville, Ontario.

Cell: 613 921 3933
Office: 613 967 2100

Bob Foster

Sales Representative for
Century 21 Lanthorn RE Ltd. Brokerage
in Belleville, Ontario.

Cell: 613 921 3933
Office: 613 967 2100

Country Properties for Sale

Spacious Family Home on a Country Estate Lot
This home offers 2350 sq. ft. of living space on the main floor or a total of over 4000 sq. ft. of living slace counting the finished lower level.
Built on an estate country lot, this property is only 5 minutes from all the services and facilites in Belleville, Ontario. Please see the dedicated website for full details -

Country Elegance!

Just 12 minutes north of Belleville, Ontario, this beautiful 3200 sq. ft. home is on a 3.16 parcel of land with a great view overlooking the countryside. Only quality materials - hardwood, travertine and granite - are used throughout. The most recent price is available from the website and a link is provided below.
Take a video tour of this property on its website at
Ever Dream of Owning Your Own Art Gallery?
The Studio 737 Art Gallery is now for sale!
It is located just about 1 Km east of the intersection with Highway 37 on the busy Provincial Highway #7, and only about 10 minutes north of Tweed, Ontario.
The studio is the largest in Canada featuring only original Canadian art work, and it has been run profitably for over 25 years, with a long client list.
The 2960 sq. ft. gallery is being sold along with a comfortable 2+ bedroom 1320 sq. ft. residence, and 17 acres of land with over 500 feet of highway frontage.
For full details, please see the website!